2 more companies drop Terry Yee’s Tearproof

terrry-yee-boicotPETALING JAYA: Just days after US firm Osprey Packs dropped Terry Yee’s Tearproof as a distributor, two more companies have followed suit, condemning the Singaporean’s abuse of a dog in Puchong earlier this month.

Nalgene, which manufactures BPA-free water bottles and containers, said it had recently been made aware of allegations of cruelty involving one of its distributors in Singapore and Malaysia.

“The individual involved has admitted his actions and his company will no longer serve as a distributor of Nalgene products,” it said.

The US company’s statement came in response to social media users who took to Facebook to complain about Yee. Many posted on Nalgene’s official Facebook page, asking the firm to drop Yee’s Tearproof.

“Please pull your product placement at the Tearproof stores in Malaysia. The owner is an animal abuser and I for one will not purchase any of your products as long as you’re listed there. Osprey Packs has announced their decision to pull out. I hope you do the right thing too,” a Facebook user named Prabha Krisnan said.

Another user, Troy Medici, said: “In Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, Nalgene is sold by an unethical business owner named Terry Yee Kok Chew under the registered company names Tearproof and Sports Connection.

“Nalgene USA should cease its business connections with this animal abuser.”

Likewise, UK outdoor clothing manufacturer Craghoppers said it would discontinue its dealings with Yee.

“We have not dealt with Mr Terry Yee Kok Chew since last year and will not be dealing with him in the future.

“We do not condone maltreatment of animals in any way and Mr Terry Yee Kok Chew’s behaviour does not represent the values and principles to which our brand adheres,” it said in a post on its Facebook page.

Craghoppers’ post was hailed by Facebook users who had also been calling for the company to drop Yee’s Tearproof.

“We would not want to own and buy products/brands that’s associated or even tolerated with animal cruelty,” Cheong Wee Ling said.

On April 2, Yee was caught punching and kicking a dog at a guardhouse in Puchong.

A three-minute CCTV recording which quickly went viral showed him falling off his bicycle when the guard dog broke free from its leash and charged at him.

Looking enraged, Yee ran up to the guardhouse, caught the dog and proceeded to punch and kick the animal repeatedly. He also used a crash helmet on the animal before carrying it into the guardhouse, out of view of the CCTV camera, where it is believed he continued battering the animal.