Guan Eng to Hadi: Show proof DAP working with foreign powers


GEORGE TOWN: Lim Guan Eng today challenged PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to name the DAP leader allegedly conspiring with the United States to meddle in Malaysian politics.

“Hadi must show proof of which leader. If it is true, we can take action. If Hadi can’t show proof, it would be fitnah. If he cannot show proof, then we can safely assume he is lying,” Lim said at a press conference at Komtar today.

He was commenting on a report that Hadi had claimed at a ceramah in Marang on Monday that DAP had invited the US and other foreign powers to interfere in the country’s politics.

“We (PAS) will not go to the extent of inviting foreign powers to interfere in Malaysian politics,” Hadi was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.

Lim said DAP had no relations with the US or Singapore. He said the Penang government had relations with Singapore, but not for political reasons.

“I think the BN government is closer to the ruling party of Singapore, compared with us,” he said.

Lim added that DAP, too, could spew lies against PAS and its leaders, but that it would not stoop so low.

“We also can say PAS has a relationship with Iran and Syria, and we can also say he is related to the Shia who are killing Sunni Muslims and whatnot.

“But we do not say things like that. We speak based on facts and truth. We will not use this kind of dirty tactics.”

He then challenged Hadi: “ Please name which DAP leader is involved. Show proof.”