Video of crash involving Wira, van caught on video


PETALING JAYA: A video clip of an accident involving a black Proton Wira and a white-coloured van on a road in Kuala Lumpur is spreading fast on social media.

The video was uploaded by Facebook user Duncan Chong who had witnessed the incident and caught it on his dashboard cam while driving in Cheras.

The 38-second video, which Chong uploaded while at the Jalan Tun HS Lee Traffic Police headquarters, shows him driving with clear traffic ahead until 17 seconds later when the Wira is seen overtaking him on the left. There was a Perodua Kancil just ahead of Chong at the time too.

Just two seconds later, the Wira attempted to overtake the van, which was on the slowest (third) lane by getting into the emergency lane, and that was when the Wira is seen going out of control, swerving to the right and hitting the van.

The force of the impact results in the van losing control and turning turtle with its contents strewn across the road. Fortunately, no other cars nearby were hit as a result of the collision.

The Wira is seen slowing and ending up stalled about 100 metres in front of the van. Chong later posted a photo of the car too, as a comment on the same Facebook posting where he shared the video.

The car had sustained damage to its front right tyre and rim. The driver is also seen standing outside his car, talking on the phone.

According to Chong, the driver of the van, who was in his 60s, suffered some cuts from broken glass and was later taken to hospital.

As of this morning the video has already been viewed more than 130,000, since it was uploaded at about 5pm yesterday.