Kit Siang says Umno and BN rattled, fear losing GE14

kit-siang-1KUALA LUMPUR: Umno and Barisan Nasional fear they will lose power in the 14th general election, DAP veteran leader Lim Kit Siang said last night.

This was evident, he said, from the escalation in the campaign to demonise him and Pakatan Harapan leaders and create fear in the minds of the Malays that they would lose their rights if the opposition won.

Speaking at a kopitiam dialogue at Kota Alam Shah, Klang, last night, the DAP parliamentary leader and MP for Gelang Patah said:

“In trying to cling on to power, Umno/BN politicians have resorted to the politics of lies, fear and hate.”

They were creating fear among Malay voters that if Umno was defeated in the 14GE, Malays would lose both political power and their rights in the country, he said.

“This is of course rubbish and nonsense, for the Pakatan Harapan coalition – comprising of the DAP, PKR, Amanah and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia – wants to win, not just the 14th GE, but the 15th, 16th GE and others so that it can continue to form the federal government.

“Which means that the Pakatan Harapan government must demonstrate that it can deliver results and do better than the Umno/BN government to protect and promote the rights and interests of all communities in the country, including the Malays.”

He added: “Recently, there has been an escalation of the Umno/BN demonisation campaign against Pakatan Harapan leaders which, among other things, seeks to describe me as a devil and a monster – anti-Malay, anti-Islam, a communist, a stooge of foreign powers, a puppet-master who has made Tun Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah, Muhyiddin Yassin, Azmin Ali, Mohd Sabu, among others, my puppets and stooges.

“Only political simpletons or idiots will believe in such political rubbish and gibberish,”

He said the intensity of the escalation of the demonisation campaign against the PH was a reflection of the “weakness, vulnerability and fear” of Umno/BN leaders that the coalition could lose federal power in the 14GE.

He said the new post of special functions minister given to Hishammuddin Hussein by Prime Minister Najib Razak was another indication of this fear of losing the election. He did not, however, explain this.

Saying there had never been such widespread and deep-seated restiveness and unhappiness among the people, including the 1.6 million-strong civil service, against the government, Lim predicted that Malaysia was heading for major political change in the forthcoming general election.

He said voters should not be threatened with chaos, riots or undemocratic and authoritarian measures to frustrate the democratic will of the people expressed in a general election, as the Umno/BN leaders were trying to do.

The time had come, he said, for Malaysia to become a normal democratic country, where the voters could peacefully and democratically change the federal government in Putrajaya through the ballot box.

Saying Malaysians would be celebrating the 60th Merdeka day on August 31, 1957, Lim added: “A new federal government in Malaysia after the 14th general election will be the best news for Malaysia.”