Muslim group dismayed by rudeness at mosque


PETALING JAYA: An Islamic NGO has denounced the harshness shown by an auxiliary policeman in a recent incident involving a woman who entered a mosque without covering her head.

Zaid Kamaruddin, vice-president of Ikram Malaysia, said the act of yelling at the woman’s father was an affront to Islam, particularly to the Prophetic Traditions.

He was commenting on a video recording of the incident, which allegedly happened at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur mosque.

The 15-second video was uploaded to Facebook by a user named Lisza Laressa and had been viewed more than 1.3 million times after a little more than 24 hours. It shows a man in a green sweater yelling at an older man.

According to Lisza, the angry man is an auxiliary policeman and the older man is her father.

Writing in Malay, she expressed regret for not wearing a scarf. She said she and her parents had gone to the mosque to get shelter from the rain. The policeman first reprimanded her and then scolded her father for standing up for her, she added.

Zaid said he was dismayed that the policeman, being someone working at a mosque, had failed to follow the Prophet’s example. He retold this episode from the Prophet’s biography:

A man who had not embraced Islam once urinated in the Prophet’s mosque in Medina. The Prophet’s companions were about to reprimand him when the Prophet stopped them, saying there might have been an innocent reason behind the man’s action. So they allowed him to relieve himself until he was done. And then they washed the floor.

“The Prophet said it was wrong to jump to the conclusion that the man had a bad intention, that maybe he was in a desperate situation,” Zaid said.

“This shows that when dealing with any unpleasant situation, we have to use our wisdom to make sure the best outcome is achieved. For example, the auxiliary policeman could have advised the lady nicely or asked her if she wanted something to cover her head with.”

Penang Mufti Wan Salim Mohd Noor agreed, saying Muslims must avoid being rude.

“Harsh persons should not be employed in a mosque as they would only taint the sanctity of a house of God,” he told FMT.

“Officers working at mosques, and all who are involved in the administration of a mosque, must embrace the values taught in Islam and practised by Prophet Muhammad.

“We have to accept that no human can fulfil all the requirements of Islam. There are those who always pray and do good deeds, but fail to cover their aurat. And there are those who cover their aurat, but love to gossip about others, and so on.”

Video of auxiliary cop yelling in mosque goes viral