Nasharudin denies taking 1MDB funds

Nasharudin-Mat-IsaPETALING JAYA: Nasharudin Mat Isa has broken his silence on Rafizi Ramli’s claim that the one-time PAS deputy president had received funds from a former 1MDB subsidiary.

In a statement today, he denied the allegation, calling it “baseless” and “irrelevant”.

He added that the statements against him were also “a gross defamation” to both him and PAS.

“I strongly deny his (Rafizi’s) baseless allegations of my having received any forms of payments and/or funding from the sources as described by him in his statutory declaration (SD),” he said.

Yesterday, Rafizi filed an SD naming Nasharudin, who currently heads Putrajaya’s Global Movement of Moderates (GMM), as the PAS member whom he said had received funds from a former subsidiary of 1MDB.

The Pandan MP said based on information he had received from a former senior officer of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), money from the subsidiary, which was said to have been transferred to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s accounts, had also made its way to Nasharudin’s bank account.

Today, Nasharudin said he would cooperate with any investigations conducted by MACC on the matter, adding that he was also in the process of taking legal action.

“I wish to stress that not only am I willing to cooperate in any investigations conducted by MACC on this matter, but that I have sought and submitted for legal counsel as the next course of actions, in terms of initiating legal action as well as any other appropriate action deemed reasonable, expedient and in accordance to the rule of law,” he said.

Nasharudin was PAS deputy president from 2005 to 2013. He was sacked from PAS’ governing council in January 2013, but remains a member of the Islamist party.