Tunku Ismail: Pay up salary arrears or face drastic action

TMJ-fam-bolasepakKUALA LUMPUR: The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) president Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has warned of more drastic action against teams competing in the Malaysia League that still have not settled the salary arrears of their players.

Tunku Ismail was fuming because the national football governing body had to cough up RM27 million to settle the debts of the teams and to provide for incentives despite FAM itself facing financial problems.

“I believe there are still several players who are waiting for their salary arrears to be settled and I hope the parties responsible act on it quickly or face dire consequences.

“I do not want to hear excuses that they failed to do so because FAM still owes them money. As such, after this, if there are still teams which fail to clear the salary arrears of their players, more drastic action will be taken against them,” he said in a statement here today.

According to him, FAM has settled outstanding debts to the tune of RM9 million involving 24 teams i.e. RM500,000 to Super League teams and RM250,000 for those in the Premier League.

He said FAM had also settled its annual incentive payments for this year, namely RM1 million each for Super League teams and RM500,000 each for those in the Premier League, totalling RM18 million.

“I hope the money will be put to good use in running their teams,” he said.

The never-ending issue of unsettled salary arrears is one Tunku Ismail, who is the newly-elected president of the FAM, wants to see an end to.

Prior to this, Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) chief executive officer Kevin Ramalingam, said six teams would have their points docked if they failed to settle the salary arrears of their players.

According to Kevin, two were Super League teams and four were from the Premier League, which together had failed to settle arrears totalling RM5 million, apart from income tax payments and Employees’ Provident Fund contributions.