Zaid hurt RPK could ‘lie’ about him, after help he’d given

Raja-Petra,-Zaid-IbrahimPETALING JAYA: Former de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim has hit back at blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin for alleging that he had received millions of ringgit from controversial businessman John Soh.

According to Zaid, Raja Petra’s allegation was nothing but a lie.

“If not for the sake of my wife, I would not have bothered to reply to Raja Petra.

“I don’t know why he decided to include me as part of his lies, (as) I have never received any money from anyone in my years in politics, except occasional donations of a few thousand ringgit before an election,” he told FMT.

Raja Petra, in a blog post dated April 7, alleged that Soh, who has been charged by the Singapore authorities for his alleged role in the 2013 penny stock crash, had funneled millions of ringgit to several individuals, including Zaid.

“Soh, who is Daim Zainuddin’s business partner, gave Zaid alone RM6 million,” Raja Petra had claimed.

This surprised Zaid, who said he thought the blogger would have “spared me his lies, for all the help I gave him in his early years in Manchester”.

Manchester is a city in the northwest of England.

“Of course, in those days money was scarce for him and his wife. Today he is very comfortable of course,” added Zaid.

Raja Petra in 2008, was detained under the now-repealed Internal Security Act (ISA) for allegedly insulting Islam, but was freed after 56 days when the Kuala Lumpur High Court ruled the government had acted outside its powers in imposing the detention.

He went into self-imposed exile in the UK after the government appealed the decision.

The detention order has since lapsed and the ISA was also repealed in 2012, but the blogger has remained abroad.