It’s over, says Chef Wan about daughter’s marriage

Chef-Wan_anak_khawin_600PETALING JAYA: The pain of a father was evident in a series of Instagram posts by celebrity chef, Chef Wan, as he wrote of his daughter’s unhappy marriage and impending divorce.

Recognising the futility of keeping the matter a secret any longer, Chef Wan said he had to be upfront and “tell the truth, nothing but the truth” about his daughter Serina Redzuawan’s “unhappy marriage” to Gavin O’Luanaigh, a British expat working in Malaysia for more than 16 years.

“For a long time I had been keeping my silence except for one Instagram update talking about the responsibility of a husband towards his wife, and how some husbands are stingy, and that reference was made on this same issue.

“So, rather than have the press speculate, I am very happy (to say) that my daughter is filing for a divorce and we will go ahead with all legal proceedings to fight for her rights and justice too,” Chef Wan said, adding he had advised his son-in-law numerous times on the importance of providing financial support but it was not heeded.

Serina and O’Luanaigh were married in Kuala Lumpur in January 2011, with the Asian Food Channel airing a feature (on Astro) a month later on the preparation that went into the grand celebration dinner, led by Chef Wan himself.

Chef Wan, whose real name is Redzuawan Ismail, was candid in talking about marriage and the risks that came with taking on a life partner.

“Marriage is always a gamble but you must be truthful and happy otherwise have the balls to walk out of it.

“But, yes I am sad for my grandchildren, though I believe with all our attention and love they will survive,” he said speaking of Serina and O’Luanaigh’s two children.

Citing his own experience, Chef Wan said even though he was divorced, he had continued to give his ex-wife RM3,000 every month for her living expenses and even bought her an apartment.

“In any marriage a wife needs to be spoilt by the husband, but it’s a pity my daughter has to work very hard to earn a living. As a father, of course, I feel sad for her.

“I told my son-in-law dont be ‘a cheap f****** b******!’ Kasi kan…,” Chef Wan said.

“Enough is enough, so if you don’t want to listen to your father-in-law’s advice, it ends here.”

As a reminder to all husbands, especially Muslim men, Chef Wan said they must always remember the vows they took and understand the responsibilities that come with it.

“There is no such things as my money is my money. You also need to contribute to the household.

“A wife’s living expenses are the responsibility of her husband and there is no question about this!” he said.