Mum, daughter lured to send ‘grandpa’ their nude photos

nude-photos,-Facebook,-sexual-grooming,-blackmailedPETALING JAYA: A 13-year-old girl has been manipulated into sending her nude photos to a man she befriended on Facebook.

For the past two years, Ann and her 43-year-old mother May had been chatting with the man known as “H”, whom Ann regarded as a “grandfather”, but had never met in person, reported The Star.

In February, “H” managed to coax Ann into sending him nude photos of herself. Later he pestered Ann into sending nude pictures of her mother.

When May found out about the photos, she became angry with “H”, who threatened to spread Ann’s nude photos to the public if he did not get more nude photos of the single mother.

Hoping to put an end to the threat and under duress, May got Ann to take photos of her showering and sent them to “H”. May was also blackmailed into sending “H” RM2,590.

Later, when strangers started propositioning May through WhatsApp and Facebook, she went to the Kuantan PKR service centre for help.

“They have the nude photos of my daughter and myself and threatened to abduct and rape her or kill me if I do not have sex with them,” The Star quoted May as saying at the service centre here yesterday.

May said she feared for the safety of her daughter.

Teruntum assemblyman Sim Chon Siang and Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh took the single mother and her daughter to lodge a police report on Friday.

Fuziah said the case was a child sexual grooming incident. She hoped the police would investigate the case as such since the Sexual Offences Against Children Bill 2017 had just been passed in the Dewan Rakyat.

The Bill incorporates key provisions against child sexual grooming, child pornography and phy­sical and non-physical sexual as­sault.