Dog lovers slam trainer for kicking dog at canine show


PETALING JAYA: The last thing one would expect to see at a dog show is a dog being kicked, but that’s exactly what people witnessed at an event organised by the Malaysian Kennel Association (MKA) recently.

The video, which was posted on Facebook by Samantha Loh on Saturday, showed how a fight broke out between a border collie and a german shepherd just seconds after the owners/trainers were asked to leave the dogs in the middle of the arena on their own.

As the owner of the german shepherd approached the two dogs, he kicked the border collie, then took his dog by the collar, before kicking the collie another two times. Eventually the owner of the collie came and reined his dog in.

The gasps and reaction of the person taking the video and those around could be heard berating the owner of the german shepherd for kicking the other dog.

There didn’t seem to be any immediate reaction from the American woman seen in the video, who was a judge at the event, on the kicking incident.

Some of the comments in the FB posting defended the actions of the man who kicked the dog, suggesting it was necessary but most point to the kicking being excessive as it took place even after the dogs were separated.

The video has taken social media by storm, so soon after another incident where a dog was incessantly hit by a Singaporean man two weeks ago, at the entrance to an apartment building.

In that incident, the man was on his bicycle with his own small dog in the basket. The dog from the guard house broke from its leash and came near the man causing him to fall off his bike. The man then caught the dog, punching it and even hitting it with a helmet.

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