Tragic end for two workers after fall down manhole

manholePETALING JAYA: It was a tragic end for two maintenance workers in Ipoh, when they died after falling inside a manhole in front of a shopping mall early this morning, Berita Harian reported.

In the incident, which occurred at 1.30am, the two men were believed to have fallen down the manhole as they were climbing down the stairs.

According to the Bahasa Malaysia daily, the two men were aged 27, but their nationality has not been revealed as yet.

A fire and rescue department spokesman said they received an emergency call at 1.34am and a team of rescuers were promptly sent to the scene.

After entering the manhole, the spokesman said fire and rescue personnel found the two men unconscious, adding that the two deceased were also found to be not wearing any gas mask.

He added that the two men were pulled out of the manhole with the rope that was already tied around them.

The men were confirmed dead by the medical team but the exact cause of death will be left for the police to determine, the spokesman told Berita Harian.