DAP: PSC incompetence delaying medical grads becoming housemen


PETALING JAYA: DAP’s Teo Nie Ching has taken the Public Service Commission (PSC) to task for its delay in announcing the results of interviews with medical graduates for their housemanship applications.

Although PSC itself had said the results would be out on April 17, it published a notice on the day itself, informing graduates that the announcement had been postponed to an unknown date, she said.

Teo said some graduates had even reported that they were still receiving requests for a re-submission of required documents as late as 12.30pm, despite the interviews being conducted over a month ago.

“The failure of the PSC to meet the deadline that they have not only set for themselves, but have already announced to the public, as well as last minute requests for re-submission of documents exposes how inefficient and under-prepared the public service commission is,” the Kulai MP said.

Pointing out that the graduates needed to earn money in order to live and repay their study loans, Teo asked how the PSC expected them to plan their schedules or commit to long-term contracts if they were not given concrete dates.

Medical graduates also needed practical application of their knowledge and skills, otherwise they risked losing everything they had learned in medical school, she said.

“As the saying goes ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’.”

Meanwhile, there would be no one to replace the housemen who had been promoted to medical officers, leaving existing housemen with a higher workload, she said.

This would result in fatigue and an increased risk of burnout and medical errors.

“Many inches of newspaper column have been dedicated to castigate under-performing housemen, but how many of them were victims of long waits caused by the inefficiency of the PSC?”