Dog shows: Trainers must have proper certification

mddb-dogtrainnerPETALING JAYA: Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) has demanded that the Malaysian Kennel Association (MKA) assume more responsibility before organising any more dog shows.

The demand came following the viral video showing a dog trainer kicking another dog at a dog show organised by MKA.

The video, which was posted on Facebook by Samantha Loh on Saturday, showed how a fight broke out between a Border Collie and a German Shepherd just seconds after the owners/trainers were asked to leave the dogs in the middle of the arena on their own.

As the owner of the German Shepherd approached the two dogs, he kicked the Border Collie, then took his dog by the collar, before kicking the Collie another two times. Eventually, the owner of the Collie came and reined in his dog.

MDDB founder Wani Muthiah took MKA to task, saying that organisers of dog shows must ensure the dogs participating are properly trained and the trainers had proper qualifications.

“There must be some form of certification for their (dogs) training showing that the dog has whatever level of obedience before it is allowed to be entered in the show.

“MKA must pull up its socks,” she told FMT.

“As for the trainer, I don’t know if he is an amateur or a proper trainer.

“You call yourself a trainer and then you go and kick a dog?

“In a show where there are going to be a lot of dogs, you must be prepared for this kind of thing to happen and come with either a dog whistle or a bottle of water you can spray on the dog’s face.”

She claimed MKA was also ill-prepared for the conflict that arose between the two dogs.

“What about the organiser of the dog show? They didn’t have anything (to stop the fight between the two dogs).

“They should have foreseen that something like this could happen.”

She said incidents like this were the reason most animal rescue groups did not believe in dog shows.

“They have all these competitions with half-baked trainers and this is what happens.

“If at all the fight had intensified and other dogs had joined in, then it would have been a bloodbath.”

She also claimed that often, the dogs participating had not been neutered and this led to them having more violent instincts.

“Most of these dogs are not neutered because they are also used for breeding.

“When you are not neutered, your hormones are raging and this creates more animosity, especially among the males.”

MKA told FMT it would be issuing a statement on the matter soon.

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