Maid’s undoing with ‘sexy’ shots on Facebook


PETALING JAYA: A couple in Singapore are considering installing closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) in their home after recently discovering some “revealing” photos of their maid, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Last Saturday, the wife, 28, was browsing Facebook and came across photos of her maid in lingerie which looked familiar, and she soon realised it was her own.

“Aside from seeing my maid wearing my lingerie, I also discovered that she had allowed her friend to come to our house, without our knowledge,” the wife, who is a Filipino expat in the island republic, said of her findings from the maid’s FB page.

According to the daily, the maid, 28, had taken several photos while posing sexily in bed wearing her employer’s lingerie.

The couple believed that the maid’s brazen act and lack of responsibility in allowing her friends to enter their home, was due to the fact there was no CCTV installed.

“This is the most likely reason why she dared to wear my clothes and even invited her friend whom I did not know to come to the house,” Sin Chew quoted the woman, who added that she and her husband travelled a lot.

The nationality of the maid was not disclosed in the report.