Pattaya police in the dark over Peter Chong’s abduction claim


BANGKOK: The Pattaya police chief has denied any knowledge of an allegation made by activist Peter Chong, who said he was abducted by a group of men in Hatyai and forcibly taken to Pattaya.

According to Col Apichai Krobpet, the Pattaya police had never received any police report on the alleged abduction.

“I don’t know about Peter Chong’s case. This is the first time that I have heard of the case and the allegation.

“I also have not been contacted by the Malaysian embassy (in Thailand) or the Malaysian police on the case,” he told Bernama when contacted today.

Apichai’s comments come a day after Hatyai police chief Col Kittichai Sankatavorn made a similar statement, denying his side had received any police report on the alleged abduction.

The Pattaya police chief added that if Chong’s allegation was proven to be untrue, it could cause damage not only to Pattaya’s image as a major tourist destination but also to the country’s tourism industry.

He echoed his Hatyai counterpart’s warning that Chong could be charged, if his allegation of being abducted in Hatyai and Pattaya was proven to be groundless.

Chong told Malaysian police upon his return from Thailand that he was abducted in Hatyai while meeting a source over the disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh, who was reportedly taken to Pattaya.

The activist, who had been missing since April 6, claimed to have been released from captivity in Pattaya and returned to Malaysia on Sunday.

Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar, through his Twitter handle, announced Chong’s arrival from Thailand.

Several of Pattaya’s police investigators whom Bernama managed to contact were surprised when told of Chong’s claim, saying they had not heard anything on the case.

Meanwhile, a source told Bernama that Chong had called the Malaysian embassy in Bangkok, requesting assistance to return to Malaysia.

During the conversation, the source said the activist never mentioned his abduction in Hatyai before being taken to Pattaya, adding that the allegation had only surfaced when Chong returned to Malaysia.