Zahid: Don’t sacrifice social contract with grab for power


PUTRAJAYA: Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has reminded Malaysians not to sacrifice the nation’s “social contract” because of the desire to wrest power from the government.

The home minister today said Malaysia’s peace and harmony is possible because of this agreement that has bound the people from various races, religions and cultures together for many years.

“Today, that foundation is being challenged and has become very flimsy because there are people out there who want to grab power and have distorted the social contract with their deceptive propaganda,” he said, without naming anyone.

The Umno deputy president cited the Malay proverb “retak menunggu belah” (a crack waits to become a split), saying such a situation should not be allowed to happen.

“I must remind that if that social contract is broken, there will not (only) be social disorder but worse than that, our streets will be littered with blood and dead bodies,” he said.

“Those mad and irrational people out there who are propagating social disorder and tearing the fabric of our social structure must be challenged and overcome by our citizens who understand the reason for our being.”

He said this in his keynote speech at the Human Ecology International Conference 2017 here.

Zahid also said the emergence of social media has deeply affected belief systems, intellectual thinking and moral principles, with mankind slowly being made to lose its dignity.

He said the social upheaval being witnessed now is one whose likes have never before been seen in history.

“Political solution will not be decided by elections, referendums and negotiations, but by street protests and violence encouraged through the social media,” he said.

He said this battlefield through social media must not be allowed to evolve into a “real battlefield” like in Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

He added that research by psychologists and experts concluded that 95% of Malaysian terrorists were initiated into the ideology through Facebook.