Housemanship applicants asked about Korean dramas, says medical graduate


PETALING JAYA: A fresh medical graduate has called the Public Service Commission’s (PSC) new ranking system for housemen candidates unfair.

The graduate, who wants to remain anonymous, claimed the questions asked at the interviews were not standardised.

She said this, coupled with the fact that the PSC had told candidates they would not be told their interview marks, allowed for corrupt practices or even cronyism to take place when it came to deciding who would pass and who wouldn’t.

“Some of my friends were asked proper medical questions such as how to diagnose a patient and prescribe a treatment plan. This is acceptable and we expected that.

“However, some of us were asked about hobbies. Some interviewers actually spent a good 20 minutes talking about Korean dramas instead of asking any medical questions,” she told FMT.

Her comments come in the wake of a report that the DAP’s Teo Nie Ching had taken the PSC to task for its delay in announcing the results of interviews with medical graduates for their housemanship applications.

The fresh medical graduate said when the PSC finally conducted the interviews between late January and early February, she learned, after several phone calls with PSC and Malaysian Medical Council staff, that more than 3,000 candidates were being interviewed although there were only 1,300 vacancies.

“They told me that we will be informed on whether or not we’d passed our interview through email and that our marks would not be revealed.

“I asked if we would ever get to know our interview marks. They told me ‘no’ and that it was confidential, but the top 1,300 candidates will be offered the jobs first.”

She wants the authorities to look into the matter.

She said since the interviews were non-standardised and the marks for the interviews were confidential, priority should be given to those who graduated first.

“Offer jobs to the ones who’ve waited the longest first instead of following this ranking system because some of the graduates graduated only in late December last year and have only needed to wait a little more than three months.”

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