Hindu Sangam has no right to forgive Asri, says DAP


GEORGE TOWN: A DAP leader has questioned a Malaysian Hindu Sangam (MHS) leader for “forgiving” Perlis mufti Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin over his caustic poem slamming “cow worshippers”.

DAP’s P Ramasamy said MHS president RS Mohan was in no position to forgive Asri as the sangam (association) did not represent the interests of Hindus as a whole.

He was referring to Asri’s earlier apologies to Hindus who had “misunderstood” his poem which he maintained wasn’t aimed at Hindus in general but the government of India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“I do not understand why Mohan of MHS wants to diffuse the entire issue by accepting Asri’s apology when Asri’s sincerity can be questioned.

“But the bigger issue at play is, does MHS represent the interest of Hindus? And who is Mohan to forgive Asri?

“MHS is a registered business entity and not a society under the Registrar of Societies. They have been masquerading as though they are the only Hindu sangam in the country and that they can talk on behalf of the Hindus,” Ramasamy told FMT.

Yesterday, Mohan told FMT that it “accepted” Asri’s apology, but felt Asri had “missed the point” when he wrote his caustic poem.

Ramasamy said it was important to note that Asri had only apologised to “those who had misunderstood” his Facebook post.

“This is clearly not an apology. I do not think Hindus will forgive Asri or Mohan. Mohan is abetting Asri. Is Mohan telling Asri that he can say whatever he wants?

“This nonsense has to stop. Mohan should step down as MHS chief, or else Hindus will be very upset. Mohan is clearly playing the BN game under a different cloak,” Ramasamy said.

Ramasamy also claimed MHS depended on handouts by the federal government and was “very loyal to BN”.

“The only difference is … the MHS is not formally in the BN fold. They work closely with the MIC,” he said.

According to the MHS website, there are 62,000 individual members, 1,900 registered temples and 102 organisations affiliated with it. MHS has been registered under the Companies Act since 1965.

Ramasamy however asked why the MHS had remained mum about controversial Muslim preacher Dr Zakir Naik or the contentious issue of unilateral conversions.

“A bill on disallowing unilateral conversion has been shelved in Parliament. Has the sangam said a word?

“They have never been at the forefront of protecting the interests of Hindus. As far as I am concerned, they are just a business entity,” Ramasamy said.

He also said Asri could not be forgiven, as the mufti was still standing by what he had written in his poem.

“Whether it was against the Hindus or the BJP-led Indian government, that to me is immaterial. Asri has launched a vitriolic attack against Hindus.”

Asri’s apology misses the point, says Hindu Sangam