RapidKL investigating removal of elderly passenger from bus

rapid-bus-driverPETALING JAYA: RapidKL has begun investigations into an allegation that one of its drivers forced an elderly passenger off the bus in Kuala Lumpur.

A spokesperson told FMT that the probe would take three to five days to complete once they identify the driver in question.

“Depending on the nature of the case, such as how serious the offence is or if the driver is a repeat offender, the driver could be suspended or given the boot.

“Alternatively, he or she could be referred to a customer service training session,” the spokesperson said.

The company was responding to a letter published in FMT earlier today in which the author claimed an elderly lady, believed to be in her 70s, had paid for her ticket but was demanded to show proof that she was a senior citizen.

According to the writer, when she was unable to find her senior citizen’s card, which entitled her to discounts, she cursed herself for the misfortune, leading to an argument with the driver who thought she was criticising him.

The driver then demanded that the woman get off the bus at the next stop at Jalan Pasar.

Although she initially refused, she later gave in after other passengers advised her not to quarrel with the driver, the letter said.