Asri urges Muslims to respect others’ right over roads

asri-gaduh-masjidPETALING JAYA: Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin has called on Muslims to respect the rights of others who use certain roads in the vicinity of mosques and surau.

He said this was important as everybody had the right to move around freely in public spaces in accordance with the law.

“We should be aware that giving way on a road is among the teachings of Islam,” he said today.

“The roads are not just for us to use, as others also have a right to use them by following proper rules,” he added in a posting on his Facebook page under Dr MAZA today.

He said they included Muslims and non-Muslims alike, who needed to reach a destination urgently due to an emergency.

“I urge Muslims in Perlis to allow right of way, especially during prayer time,” he said, adding that this should also apply during Friday prayers and special celebratory days.

“It should be the same during sermons where many people are gathered, including my sermon at Masjid Alwi in Kangar,” he said.

Asri said vehicles should be parked in an orderly manner to allow other road users to move about unhindered.

“Being blocked along a road can sometimes be very distressing for some,” he said, giving as examples those who were ill and rushing to seek medical treatment or those hoping to catch a flight.

He also clarified that his message was not connected in any way to what occurred in Johor yesterday.

In the incident at 1.30pm during Friday prayers, two passengers in a car were confronted by a group of worshippers outside a surau in Austin Perdana, who assaulted one of them while others in the group vandalised the vehicle.

Johor CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Kamarulzaman Mamat said the assault and vandalising of the vehicle was caused by a misunderstanding due to congestion and obstruction of traffic around the vicinity of the surau which made it difficult for the car driver to pass through.

A video of the incident, that has gone viral, showed a man in a white Toyota Camry honking continuously because his vehicle was blocked by other cars parked outside the mosque.

A group of people soon confronted the driver, while striking at and kicking his vehicle as another was seen hitting him repeatedly with a red traffic cone as others called for calm.

Four men were later arrested and are being investigated for rioting under Section 147 of the Penal Code.