Man cons male victims into sex


PETALING JAYA: A man from Pendang, Kedah, has allegedly conned his male victims befriended on social media into having sex with him by claiming that he is a woman trapped in a man’s body.

The man is said to have used photos of women on social media to lure the victims and make them believe that he could only be freed by drinking their sperm, reported The Star quoting a report from the China Press.

After chatting on social media and becoming close to victims, the suspect would suggest a meeting.

Upon meeting the suspect, the victims would be shocked to see a man instead of a woman.

The man would claim that he was actually a woman trapped in a male body and could only become a woman again after drinking the sperm of his lovers.

The man would convince his victims that he would marry them and get them to bank in money as dowry.

However, once the suspect gets the money from the victims, he would disappear.

Unfortunately for the suspect, his scam came to an end when the victims managed to trace him and hand him over to the police.