What do Pakatan’s logo designs symbolise?


PETALING JAYA: Pusaka cultural centre director Eddin Khoo has joined netizens in criticising Pakatan Harapan’s proposed logo designs, saying they don’t have a symbolic representation of what the coalition stands for.

Speaking to FMT, Khoo said he was put off from supporting Pakatan after he saw the three designs.

“The proposed logos make it seem as though Pakatan Harapan stands for nothing,” he said. “After seeing the logos, even if I wanted to vote for them, I wouldn’t. If this is the extent of the imagination of my government-in-waiting, then thanks but no thanks.”

Khoo said he considered Barisan Nasional’s logo “ugly” too, but he added that the “dacing” at least meant something.

“The scales stand for equilibrium, equality and justice. What do Pakatan Harapan’s proposed logos stand for? There’s no symbolism attached to them at all. I would think this group of fellows from Invoke would have better taste,” he said, referring to the PKR-linked think tank.

He said he would praise only PKR and Umno in assessing the logos of Malaysian political parties.

“PKR has a nice logo designed by Syed Ahmad Jamal and Umno has a nice logo designed by Islamic scholar Syed Naquib Al-Attas. Apart from that, all our political parties have terrible logos.

“BN’s logo is too late to change now because otherwise people would get confused, but I thought Pakatan Harapan would be able to come up with something a little bit better.”

After receiving flak from netizens over the designs, Pakatan has invited the public to come up with alternative designs.

Khoo said he would advise those keen on taking up the challenge to think of a good symbol.

“You’ll want a logo that is symbolically powerful, that encapsulates what this new coalition is apparently standing for, and one that is immediately identifiable by people.

“Pakatan Harapan’s proposed logos don’t even have a symbol. A thumbs up is not a symbol lah, come on.”

Pakatan hopes to register the coalition with the Registrar of Societies within two weeks, using a common logo. If the approval is not obtained in time for the general election, the individual parties will use their own logos.

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