Sabah urges Najib to restore state rights


teo-chee-kang-sabah-rightsPETALING JAYA: Sabah Special Tasks Minister Teo Chee Kang said a special report for Sabah’s restoration of state rights and devolution of powers under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 has been submitted to Prime Minis­ter Najib Razak.

The Star quoted Teo as saying the state cabinet, led by Chief Minister Musa Aman, held a fruitful meeting with Najib over this matter.

Teo said the claim for review of the special federal monetary grants – which is mandatory every five years under Article 112D of the Federal Constitution – has been forwarded to the federal government.

He said Musa had also urged the federal government to give priori­ty to Sabahans for positions of heads of federal departments and its agencies in the state.

“We have also requested the federal government to relook at the Cabotage Policy for shipping,” said Teo.

He said the state cabinet touched on issues of the restoration of state rights and devolution of power.

“This can be realised by way of administrative decisions without amending any law or constitutional provisions,” he said.

Teo is the chairman of the Revi­sion of State Rights under the Malaysia Agreement 1963 committee which was appointed by the state government to obtain feedback on state rights and people’s views on the issue.