2 more days in lock-up for Penang lorry hijackers


GEORGE TOWN: The two men who hijacked a Penang Island City Council lorry last Thursday during a raid on their illegal food stall will spend two more days under remand, police say.

Northeast district police chief SAC Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said police had applied for an extension of the three-day remand granted on Friday.

He said yesterday, the registrar allowed remand for another two days to facilitate further investigations, bringing the total number of remand days to five.

It is learnt that the duo will be brought to court on Wednesday.

Police are investigating the two workers, aged 28 and 34, under Section 353 of the Penal Code for using criminal force to deter a public servant from discharge of duty.

If convicted, they could be jailed for a maximum of two years, fined, or both.

Last Thursday night, the two men hijacked a city council enforcement lorry in an attempt to prevent their illegal eatery from being raided for the fourth time.

The lorry’s engine had been left running, as the driver was lowering a loading ramp at the back of the vehicle.

Seizing on the opportunity, the two men jumped into the lorry and drove it for 2km to the Pulau Tikus police station, where they lodged a report against the city council raiding team.

The two men filmed the entire hijacking on a phone and later uploaded the clip to Facebook.

In the video, they claimed the council only acted on Malay traders while those of other races were allowed to do business undisturbed.

The following day, city council officials responded, saying the eatery belonging to the two men, was operating illegally on government reserve land and had been raided three times since April last year.

They also denied claims of enforcement bias towards Malays, backing their stand with statistics showing that in the first four months of 2017, businesses owned by the Chinese were the most hit by enforcement, followed by those owned by Malays and Indians.