Video alleging Malays shaving Indian women’s hair from Venezuela

shave-woman-headPETALING JAYA: A viral video depicting a group of men shaving the hair of two women who were allegedly caught for theft did not take place in Malaysia, the police have said.

Head of corporate communications of the inspector-general of police secretariat, SAC Asmawati Ahmad, said the incident occurred some time around last year, in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

“It did not happen in Malaysia as was claimed by some irresponsible quarters who had made the video and the statement viral,” she said today, referring to the widespread sharing of the video clip on social media, especially on the mobile messaging platform, WhatsApp.

The captions accompanying the video in question had falsely claimed to show two women, said to be Indians, having their heads shaved by a group of Malay men whose shop the women had allegedly stolen from.

Asmawati said the 15-second video had caused the public to react negatively, by making statements that are racially provocative.

Hence, she advised the public to use their wisdom in such situations.

“The public is also advised to avoid playing up any issues that touch on racial or religious sensitivities, which can affect the multi-racial society in this country,” Asmawati said.