Gobalakrishnan deserves MIC, says PKR Youth


PETALING JAYA: PKR Youth says its former supreme council member N Gobalakrishnan deserves the MIC after he recently rejoined the party although it had failed to improve the lot of stateless Indians in the country.

Its council member, Jestin Raj Savarimuthu, said the wing was pleased that the former Padang Serai MP had chosen to go back to his old party, which he left 18 years ago before he joined PKR, as he was more suited to being with an outfit like MIC.

“This is because a few days ago, the party announced a ‘Mega MyDaftar’ campaign to help those in the Indian community who do not have birth certificates and identity cards although such a campaign has been going on for many years.

“This important issue has not been solved by the MIC, although it was the community’s representative for the last 60 years, so much so that many people have passed away before their predicaments could be taken care of,” he said in a statement.

Jestin hit out at Gobalakrishnan for alleging yesterday that PKR’s struggle was to ensure that its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim became prime minister and that the party was not interested in helping the nation or the Indian community.

Describing it as a cheap provocation, he said Indians had never been marginalised by PKR, a party which had the second highest number of Indian members among political parties in Malaysia after MIC.

He said this showed the level of support from the community for Anwar.

Gobalakrishnan, whose return was announced by MIC president Dr S Subramaniam yesterday, said he was initially impressed by Anwar’s political struggle and thought he could bring better benefits to the Indians through Anwar’s party, but became disillusioned and left PKR in January 2011.

His exit from PKR to become an independent was preceded by defeat in the race for the party’s vice-president’s post in the party elections of November 2010.

Jestin said as a member of PKR since 1999, Gobalakrishnan should have understood the ideals pursued by Anwar for the last 19 years.

“Our party is one that is based on serving the people while upholding the principle of fairness among all races in Malaysia,” he said.

He cited the apparent success of the Selangor government whose menteri besar was PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, saying the administration had dispensed welfare impartially and equitably without discrimination.

Ex-MP Gobalakrishnan rejoins MIC after 18 years