Malaysian man jailed for sexual offences involving boys

jailed-for-sexual-abuse-boysPETALING JAYA: A Malaysian man was sentenced to six years and eight months jail and fined S$2,000 (RM6,200) by a Singapore court yesterday, for preying on young boys and convincing them to have sexual intercourse or other sexual acts, TODAY Online reported.

Hiew Chung Wai, 42, who works as a masseur in the city state, was previously convicted on 11 charges, including six counts of sexually penetrating teenage boys under 16, two counts of abetting an accomplice to sexually penetrate a minor and one count each of trafficking a boy for sexual exploitation and receiving payment for it.

He had also been convicted of possessing obscene material.

According to the facts of the case, Hiew had also brought young boys to sex orgy parties with other men.

It was previously reported that Hiew was a sexual predator who had found his victims on Facebook. He had then groomed them for sexual activity with him and others, in exchange for money.

In passing sentence, Singapore district judge Shaiffudin Saruwan said it was meant to be a deterent for those who might be inclined towards similar behaviour.

“This is especially when social media is used to get access to victims who are minors.

“He (had) also involved them in sexual orgies with other adults. This is very egregious conduct and morally offensive to public sensibility. There is a high degree of moral corruption inflicted on the minors,” the judge was quoted as saying by the Singapore daily.

Hiew had started his sexual exploits against young boys from 2011, with two victims, both aged 14 at the time.

By the time he was arrested on Dec 28, 2015, there were two other victims but police found even more evidence against him of a sexual nature.

Police found 36 folders in his mobile phone, some of which were titled “13 age kids, “school boy”, among others.

“The folders also contained videos of boys relieving themselves in the toilet and of boys sitting in the MRT, library and other public areas. There were also obscene videos of grown men having sex with adolescent boys, group orgies involving men, among others,” the TODAY Online report said.