Protest to see Selangor MB over home prices


SHAH ALAM: Protesters claiming to represent 12 NGOs, headed by the Selangor Harmony Club, today warned that they would camp outside the state secretary’s office until they get to meet Menteri Besar Azmin Ali to air their grouses over prices of housing units.

Club president V Sunder said they wanted to get a clarification on low-cost housing projects in the state said to be placing an undue burden on buyers.

He rejected a representative from Azmin’s office who showed up to receive the group’s memorandum and hear their grievances.

Sunder claimed that low-cost houses, valued at RM43,000 each, were being sold for RM73,000 on the pretext that the developer had done some renovations.

“In Taman Damai Utama in Puchong, low-cost homes are being sold for RM73,000 and the residents are given units on the uppermost floors,” he told reporters at the front gate leading to the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah (SAAS) government building here.

He said when the project was being developed, the cost for each unit was only RM43,000.

He added that 110 units in the project’s C block had not been sold and remained vacant.

Sunder questioned why the units were being sold for as high as RM73,000 with the reasoning that renovations estimated at RM10,000 had been carried out on each unit.

“Why is it so difficult to meet the Selangor menteri besar? If he does not want to see the people, what is the use of being a menteri besar?

“If he can’t come down to meet us, we will put up a canopy here until he does. We only want to meet him to get a clarification.”

Sunder also alleged that the problem originated from the Selangor Real Estate and Housing Board three years ago.

“I can show proof,” he said, adding that he wanted to discuss the matter properly and courteously for it to be resolved.

Security officers locked the compound’s front gate and police were brought in to stand guard outside the building in case the situation went out of control.

A roadblock was also placed along the main road leading to the building’s entrance.