‘Maintain Nepalese-only policy for security jobs’

guardPETALING JAYA: A security firm has urged the government to reconsider its decision to allow the employment of foreigners other than Nepalese as security guards.

This follows an announcement by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that security firms were now allowed to hire guards from two countries other than Nepal, reversing a policy enforced since 2006. He did not name the two countries.

Zahid said the change from the Nepal-only policy was due to a shortage of Nepalese guards with a military background.

RZ Security Sdn Bhd CEO Ishpreet Singh, however, said allowing security firms to hire foreigners other than Nepalese would not solve the problem and would only create a “messier” situation.

Speaking to FMT, he said the problem was not a shortage of Nepalese but that the Nepalese were running off to other industries after the minimum wage was set at RM1,000 across the board.

“Rather than work as security guards and laying their lives on the line, they feel it’s better to go to a nine to five job.

“If they work at a restaurant, they will also get free food and free boarding.”

He also said Nepalese should not be allowed to work in other sectors, claiming that would make it easier for locals to get jobs.

“I’m a CEO for a security firm and if I’m going to hire a Nepalese, then I want him to be tall, handsome and educated. The agents will have no other choice but to give us good quality boys and security firms only need to hire 50 to 100 Nepalese a year.

“Right now, we’re left with low-quality Nepalese workers because the good ones have gone to other sectors.

“We train these low-quality Nepalese workers and when they become good, they run off, too. We end up hiring even more.

“If the government puts up these strict regulations from now on, then Nepalese agents will have no choice but to fulfil our requirements.”