Michael Chong has a complaint – yes, you heard that right

Michael-Chong-fishheadcurryKUALA LUMPUR: When people have problems or complaints about goods or services or loan sharks or missing people, they seek out MCA’s Michael Chong.

What happens when Michael Chong has a complaint?

Well, yesterday he complained to himself, and as usual, called for a press conference to highlight the issue.

The MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head was shocked to find a fish hook in the fish head curry he was eating, according to a report in The Star.

On Sunday, Chong had gone to a restaurant in Petaling Jaya with his son, daughter and son-in-law as he liked the fish head curry served there.

“I was halfway through the curry and roti canai when suddenly I realised there was an object (inside the flesh of the fish head).

“I separated it from the flesh and saw that it was a broken fish hook,” The Star quoted him as saying. The hook was rusty, with a sharp end.

Chong called the restaurant manager who summoned the cook. They apologised, and gave him a discount on the meal.

According to The Star report, Chong said other diners had had similar encounters elsewhere.

“I feel that I have an obligation to inform the public that these things happen. Maybe when they clean the fish, the hook isn’t noticeable.

“As adults, we may notice it (while eating) but what about children? They would not know,” he was quoted as saying.