Penang NGO questions sale of prime govt land

penang-ngoGEORGE TOWN: A non-governmental organisation has asked for more details over the alleged sale of a large tract of prime government land so a mega development project can be built.

Citizen Awareness Chant Group adviser Yan Lee said it was learnt that at least seven acres (2.8ha) of land belonging to the Penang government was being sold to a private party for a large-scale wellness project.

He said if this was true, then the large-scale project in Peel Avenue ought to have been discussed with residents in the vicinity.

Yan also questioned if the land sale was being conducted through an open tender process or direct negotiations.

He said the value of the land was likely RM1,000 per sq ft at the very least and that a bungalow near the area was being advertised for sale for RM18 million or around RM670 per sq foot.

Yan said that since the land belonged to the government, the state was duty bound to reveal more details about its sale and the wellness project.

“This is prime state land and we are just wondering if there was an open tender.”

Checks by FMT showed the land was located directly across from the Civil Defence headquarters and that present structures there were mostly government bungalows from the colonial era.

A state government car depot also occupies a large piece of land there.

State secretary Farizan Darus did not respond to queries for comment.