‘Can we dissolve Parliament tomorrow?’ Yes, say Umno members

NajibKUALA LUMPUR: Umno president Najib Razak today toyed around with the idea of nationwide snap polls as he relished the presence of 80,000 Umno supporters at the party’s 71st anniversary celebrations.

He also openly displayed a growing affection for PAS, a party which he said shared the same view that DAP is an enemy of Islam and the Malays.

“I have never seen a gathering like ours tonight,” said Najib in his speech at Bukit Jalil National Stadium here.

“So I want to ask, are we strong enough? Are we ready? Can we dissolve Parliament tomorrow?”

His last question received a loud and excited “Yes” from the sea of red-clad Umno members and supporters.

“This is our extraordinary spirit. Who said Umno is not strong. If they say we are not, then they should have a look at this gathering,” added Najib.

“This is just a fraction (of Umno’s support). There are more than three million others.

“So let the stars fall from the heavens, the sky fall to the earth. The fire of Umno’s fighters will continue to burn bright.”

Later, after hitting out against a “former statesman who used to lead the party” but who is now working with “anti-Islam and anti-Malay DAP”, Najib cited excerpts of a speech he said was made by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.

“Hadi said the cooperation between PAS and Umno now is ‘mature politics’. Because we don’t argue and, instead, we politicise for mutual interests.

“Hadi also said in politics we can have differences of opinion, but on issues involving the people and the country, we have to unite and work together.”

Najib also mentioned the PAS Syura Council’s decision to officially cut ties with PKR earlier today.

“Let us defend our party. I want to know, ladies and gentlemen, are you willing to defend Umno until the last drop of your blood?

“If this is how our spirit is like, I’m sure with God’s permission, Umno will not last for just another 100 years but a thousand more.”

Speculation is rife that the 14th general election may be held as early as this year, although Najib has been coy about when exactly this would take place.

He has until the middle of next year to call for nationwide polls.