Driver apologises, pleads for ‘honking’ issue to be put to rest

Toh Chai Eun, in neck brace, has apologised for honking.

PETALING JAYA: The brother of the driver who was assaulted outside a surau in Johor for honking incessantly, says an apology has been issued and wishes that the matter be put to rest.

Toh Chai Chong, brother of the Toyota Camry driver Chai Eun, told FMT today that they wanted to mend ties with representatives of the surau in Taman Austin Perdana, and hoped there would not be any further public spats over the issue that happened last week.

“We met the surau representatives yesterday and in a gentleman’s gesture, apologised to them,” Chai Chong said.

The 30-year-old businessman added that both he and his brother did not want the issue further debated and turned into something racial and religious instead.

“The public, on social media has linked it (the honking) to a racial and religious issue. It is no different than online bullying,” he said.Driver-apologises1

Chai Chong said that as a member of “Bangsa Johor” (citizens of Johor), they should learn to forgive and forget, and show more tolerance towards one another.

“We have lived in Johor all of our lives and we have a duty to keep our state peaceful,” he said.

It was earlier reported that Chai Eun apologised for honking repeatedly after finding the road in front of the surau blocked by cars parked on either side, making it impossible for him to pass through.

The driver also said he did not mean to offend anyone by his actions and that he reacted by honking only because he had already been stuck in traffic earlier and was rushing to attend to urgent matters.

Last Friday, a video of the incident — which subsequently went viral — showed a group of people confronting the driver for honking, with some striking at and kicking his vehicle. Another man in a white robe was seen hitting the driver repeatedly with a red traffic cone even as those around him called for calm.

Police later arrested four people for alleged rioting.

Meanwhile Chai Chong said his brother had been discharged from hospital and was resting at home after having suffered multiple injuries and scratches as a result of the assault.