Education ministry awaits report on ‘fidget spinner’


KUALA NERANG: The education ministry is awaiting reports from stakeholders before taking any action relating to the use of the “fidget spinner” that has become a phenomenal trend among school students.

Minister Mahdzir Khalid said the new gadget just entered the market and the effect of its usage had yet to be known.

“It is a new gadget and there are numerous views on its use. We need to wait for a full report from the authorities and stakeholders before discussing it in a committee at the ministerial level.”

He told reporters this after officiating the national-level “Sayangi Hidup Elak Derita Selamanya (SHIELDS)” camp with the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) here today.

Mahdzir said this in response to media reports on allegations that the “fidget spinner” was dangerous and could cause harm or turn into a deadly weapon, as well as on the call for the education ministry to monitor the phenomenon that could distract the learning process of students.

On another development, Mahdzir said the ministry planned to establish a National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) network that could be extended to the grassroots level in the effort to curb drug abuse among students.

He said through the NBOS network, various parties such as the AADK, police, village head, imam, as well as school authorities would be jointly mobilised to eradicate drug abuse, currently at a worrying stage.

“Currently, we already have such an NBOS at the national level. However, we intend to extend it to the grassroots level. For instance, when AADK and the police have identified a drug hotspot, we will call all parties involved and discuss measures that need to be taken,” said Mahdzir.

Meanwhile, AADK director-general Abd Halim Mohammad Hussin, in his speech, said the number of students tested positive for drugs had been on the rise.

“In 2015, 1,748 out of 49,711 students were tested positive for drugs, and last year, 1,411 out of 35,522 students were also tested positive for drugs. This trend is indeed worrying,” he said.