Dr Ting welcome to sue me, says Wong

Wong-Soon-KohsarawakKUCHING: Sarawak Second Finance Minister Wong Soon Koh said today he would contest any defamation suit filed against him by dismissed DAP lawmaker Dr Ting Tiong Choon for calling the latter a bankrupt.

“He’s welcome (to file the lawsuit) and I will see him in court,” Wong told FMT.

The state assembly disqualified Ting as the Pujut member last Friday on an unprecedented motion tabled by Wong on the grounds that Ting once held Australian citizenship.

Ting subsequently admitted he had acquired Australian citizenship but that he renounced it in April 2016 while retaining his Malaysian citizenship.

While presenting the motion, Wong asserted that Ting was declared a bankrupt in Australia in 2012.

Wong had referred to Ting’s name being listed in the Australian Financial Security Authority personal insolvency index, but the DAP contended that Wong was wrong to equate insolvency with bankruptcy.

Asked whether Ting should be stripped of his Malaysian citizenship, Wong told reporters he would leave that decision to the courts.

“I just retrieved from the Australian official document that he had been certified not just insolvent but also bankrupt,” he said.

“If he’s not happy, then he can query the Australian authority. Don’t query me, because I retrieved the material from the Australian authority.”

When asked how he felt about being sued, Wong replied: “There’s nothing I can do. He can exercise his democratic right to sue me.”