Outrage after Shell charges RM4.09 per litre for RON95


GEORGE TOWN: Social media is abuzz with news of several petrol stations charging RM4.09 per litre for RON95-grade fuel today, with the company admitting there was a technical glitch.

News of the wrong pricing at Shell Bagan Ajam, Butterworth; Shell Nusajaya, Johor Bahru; and Shell Salak South in Kuala Lumpur, quickly went viral.

Facebook user Martina Abu Hanifa said she was shocked to see only 3.67 litres pumped out when she gave RM15 at the counter.

“I paid RM15 at the counter. After pumping, the gauge showed RM15 worth pumped out, but only 3.67 litres.pic-sheel1

“I went over to the counter, (where) I saw another guy making noise, saying he paid RM20 but it was not even five litres. Another guy was arguing that he was charged RM130 for 20 litres of fuel!

“When I asked the Bangladeshi guy at the counter, he said ‘the government has increased prices’.

“I said, this is not possible!” she said in the post, which had nearly 12,000 shares at the time of writing.

The price of RON95 went up by seven sen to RM2.08 per litre from midnight.

Another Facebook user, Aki Amin, said the situation was likely due to human error, as someone had probably entered “RM2.08” instead of “7 sen”.

“It is simple maths: the boss asks you to increase fuel prices after 12am. Instead, you add 2.08 to 2.01 (2.08+2.01 = 4.09) this is likely what happened,” he said.

A Penang domestic trade, cooperatives and consumerism official said it investigated 48 petrol stations in the state after complaints were received.

“Only a few stations were affected due to technical problems.

“The matter was resolved in two hours and those who were overcharged got their refunds immediately,” the official said.pic-sheel

Meanwhile, Shell told FMT that the erroneous RM4.09 pricing lasted for one and a half hours earlier today, beginning at midnight.

In an emailed reply, Shell said 160 transactions had been affected.

“We discovered an issue with our price update last night and this has been rectified immediately.

“Unfortunately, some 160 transactions that took place between 12.01am and 1.30am were affected.

“If you have filled up at any of our stations during that time period, please kindly check your receipt and do bring it back to the station where you did the purchase for reimbursement of the difference,” it said.

For more enquiries, those affected can call Shell at 1-300-88-1808.