Parking summons: Don’t jump for joy, errant motorists told

summon-mpppGEORGE TOWN: Errant Penang motorists may be jumping for joy after a lower court found a parking summons issued by the city council to be invalid.

However, the Penang Island City Council has released a statement telling all errant motorists with parking summonses and other motor vehicle offences that they have to pay up or risk being brought to court like anybody else.

This was after the Magistrate’s Court’s landmark decision today to invalidate a former assemblyman’s RM30 parking offence ticket in 2014 due to a technicality.

The city council said the court’s decision on the matter only involved the accused in the case and was not binding on other parking compound notices issued by the council.

“The decision was made on a technicality and does not influence other parking offence compound notices issued by the city council.

“One must understand that each case has different merits and facts.

“In this particular case, the city council will appeal against the magistrate’s decision,” the statement read.

In the case, which could have widespread ramifications, the Magistrate’s Court today found the city council’s compound notice issued to PKR’s S Raveentharan three years ago to be invalid. He was alleged to have parked outside a parking box.

This was due to a question of whether the driver was the actual owner of the vehicle. Today’s decision could affect the validity of similar tickets issued by the council over the years.

Magistrate Mohamad Amin Shahul Hamid said the city council had failed to prove a prima facie case against Raveentharan, who was the Batu Uban assemblyman from 2008 to 2013.

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