Don’t politicise ‘buka puasa’ events, PAS tells members


KUALA LUMPUR: PAS members and leaders were reminded today to be cautious when expressing their views on social media after an uproar over a Facebook post by a branch chief, lambasting DAP leaders for joining a “buka pusa” (breaking of fast) event.

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said the party was a “dakwah” movement and needed to reach out to non-Muslims even though they did not accept Islam as their religion.

“Buka puasa activities should not be politicised or used for political purposes.

“Instead, buka puasa should be used as a platform to foster relations between the races and increase understanding between those of different religions,” he said in response to the Facebook posting yesterday by PAS Gombak branch chairman Salehhuddin Nasir.

In the posting, Salehhuddin expressed his disgust at seeing DAP leaders breaking fast with Muslims.

He also said DAP leaders held “alcohol parties and masturbation fests” and that they were the enemy of Islam, as were members of Amanah and PKR, whom he described as DAP’s “lackeys”.

The posting came just days after a protest in Penang where Jaringan Muslimin Pulau Pinang told Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng that he should not attend buka puasa events unless he converted to Islam.

In responding to Salehhuddin’s posting, Tuan Ibrahim said PAS members and leaders should “watch what they write in social media”.

“They must always ensure restraint in what they post.

“The postings must be consistent with the mature political culture (adopted by PAS) and the party’s policy of promoting peace.

“Postings not in keeping with this policy certainly do not reflect the stand of the party and are only the personal views (of the writers),” he said.