Robbery victim wants Uber to pay medical fees

uber-victimPETALING JAYA: A sales assistant, who was robbed on her Uber ride 10 days ago, has demanded that Uber pay her medical bills over the miscarriage she suffered.

Wong Mei Yan’s husband, Tiong Ting Siong, said they wanted the ride-sharing company to bear her medical fees following the robbery on May 21.

“I hope Uber can pay for my wife to go for a full medical check-up.

“I am very worried about her. After losing our child, she is very weak and still bleeding,” he said at a press conference organised by Selangor Gerakan chief Ang Chin Tat.

Wong, 26, who was present at the press conference, did not speak and was seen keeping her head down throughout the press conference.

Meanwhile, Ang said Gerakan and the legal team had met Uber’s representatives today.

“We spoke for two hours and conveyed our demands, namely a settlement in the form of an ex-gratia payment.

“We also want Uber to give a safety assurance to the public since Uber says it ferries over a million passengers a week,” he said, adding people were concerned about their safety when taking Uber.

However, he said Uber said it could only provide a reply in two weeks.

It was reported that Wong booked her ride home to Puchong Jaya from Mid Valley Mall through Uber.

She claimed there was another man sitting in the front passenger seat when she got into the vehicle at around 9.30pm.

She said when they arrived at One Puchong business centre, the passenger pointed a knife at her and forced her to hand over her valuables.

After robbing her, she pleaded with them to let her go as she was pregnant. The suspects left the victim by the side of the road where she was found by a passer-by who drove her to the police station to lodge a report.

Wong said she lost valuables worth over RM16,000, including two handphones, a Pandora bracelet and a diamond ring.

On May 25, police picked up the driver, aged 22, at the Pagoh rest and recreation area of the North-South Expressway. He has been remanded until June 7.

Serdang deputy police chief Supt Lee Wai Leong said the suspect, from Kulim, has two previous criminal offences.

Wong, who was six weeks into her pregnancy during the robbery, suffered a miscarriage a few days later. This was confirmed during a visit to the Serdang Hospital after she suffered internal bleeding.

She told reporters she could not sleep for three nights following the incident because of the stress and anxiety she suffered after the robbery. She was also worried about the accomplice still at large.

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