Policeman shoots and wounds man who swung parang at him


IPOH: A plumber was shot and wounded by police after he sped past a roadblock and, later, allegedly swung a parang at a corporal.

The Star reported that the plumber, 50, was believed to have been high on drugs.

Without quoting anyone, the report said that about 5am yesterday, the plumber, who was on a motorcycle, was signalled by policemen to stop near a roadblock.

However, he tried to ram the policemen before racing past the roadblock, The Star reported.

When a corporal chased him, the plumber threw a bag of tools at him, hitting the policeman.

The report said the bag contained house-breaking tools.

But the corporal continued giving chase and at Kampung Banjar Ayer Tawar, the man allegedly swung a parang at the corporal, who then shot the man on his right knee.