Woman arrested over video of brutal beating of child


PETALING JAYA: Police have detained a woman seen in a horrific video repeatedly beating a young girl in a house, said to be in Puchong Perdana.

The abuse is being widely-shared on social media, especially WhatsApp, with many aghast at the intensity of the beatings.

The two-minute 49-second video shows the woman forcing a child to stop eating before hitting the girl with what appears to be a wooden back-scratcher.

Scolding the child in Tamil while continuing with the beatings, the woman had accused the girl of spilling food from her plate, theSun reported.

Knowing her brutal abuse was being recorded, the woman dared the person taking the video to send it to the media. The identity of the person who did the recording is not known.

“Since you are recording, well let me see are you going to give it to the newspapers,” she said in the video recording.

In the midst of the beatings, with the child screaming in pain and gasping in between her cries, the woman even changed the girl’s top, but not before throwing a few slaps and a kick as well.

According to the daily, the incident is believed to have occurred in Puchong Perdana although it isn’t known when it happened.

Subang Jaya district police chief ACP Mohammad Azlin Sadari confirmed the arrest, telling theSun: “The victim has been rescued and the suspect caught.”

He added that the suspect will be remanded at the Petaling Jaya court tomorrow.