Amanah Youth leader freed after probe into protest at EC

Shazni-MunirPETALING JAYA: Amanah Youth vice-chief Shazni Munir Mohd Ithnin was freed from police custody today after being held for three days over investigations over a protest at the Election Commission (EC) headquarters last month.

His lawyer, Wan Anwar Wan Ibrahim, said he was given an early release on police bail at the Putrajaya police headquarters.

“The investigating officer informed us they will complete their probe within a week.

“If the police find sufficient evidence against Shazni by next Monday, they will press charges against him for wrongful restraint or illegal assembly,” he said.

On May 23, the youth and women’s wings of Pakatan Harapan parties held a protest at the EC headquarters in Putrajaya, urging it to change its decision to stop distributing the supplementary electoral roll copies (Quarter 2017) to all political parties.

It was reported that when no representative from the commission showed up to meet the group, the protesters chained and locked the gates of the EC headquarters.

On Friday, Shazni was arrested for his alleged involvement.

He was remanded for four days, from Saturday, to facilitate investigations under Section 341 of the Penal Code for wrongful restraint.

The remand order was expected to end tomorrow.

EC chairman Hashim Abdullah said the electoral board had lodged a report with the police on the same day of the protest.

When asked about Shazni’s situation after being detained for three days, Wan Anwar said the youth leader was “still in high spirits”.

This is not the first time Shazni has run foul of the law.

Last year, he was arrested for sedition and activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy following his statements published in a news portal. He was freed after investigations.