Mango farmer criticised for setting fruits on fire due to low prices


KANGAR: The low prices of the delicious Harumanis mangoes due to a glut led a farm owner to burn the fruits.

The Perlis Agriculture Department today said it regretted this action.

Its director, Zulkifli Amin Mat Jusoh, described the action as inappropriate.

He said if there was a glut, there were other ways to address the problem, like processing the fruits into juice or cordial drinks for sale.

He confirmed there was indeed a drop in the demand for Harumanis and attributed it to the fasting month.

“The peak harvesting period falls during the fasting month when people are not keen to buy the fruit,” he said when contacted by Bernama.

He said this in response to a front page story in a tabloid today with the title “Petani Perlis bakar Harumanis, harga jatuh mendadak” (“Perlis farmer burns Harumanis, price drops drastically”) due to the glut in production.

Zulkifli said the department did not see the glut in Harumanis production as a problem, and would continue to help the commercial farmers to market their harvest.

“The over-ripe or lower-quality fruits will be sold to downstream operators to make ice-cream and cordial drinks, instead of throwing them away or burning the fruit.”

He also attributed the lower demand for the Harumanis due to some quarters selling poor quality fruit, as well as those of poor quality and still not matured, for quick profits.