RM9,636 error at seafood restaurant creates waves online

alaskan-king-crabPETALING JAYA: A RM9,636 typo can be an expensive and widely misunderstood error when it occurs at the cashier’s counter, as the staff of a restaurant in Penang discovered recently.

It was a busy night for the staff behind the cashier’s counter at the Crab & Lobster in Straits Quay, a mall in Seri Tanjung Pinang, a newly-developed township in George Town.

Instead of entering just RM963 as the price for a live Alaskan king crab, another digit was accidentally added to the price, making a bill which was supposed to total RM1,465.70 to increase to a whopping RM11,578.40.

Even the service tax and GST had increased by RM1,440 as a result, almost the price of the actual total.

The patron was shocked as anyone would be, and had the staff make the correction … but not before taking a snapshot that was later forwarded, presumably for the amusement of family and friends.

As in all things Malaysian these days being blown out of proportion, the photo of the bill with the live Alaskan king crab priced at RM9,636 soon spread and became a viral message on social media.

Still following the Malaysian trend, all the usual retorts and accusatory comments about the price of food, cost of living, anti-government (both federal and state, as it did happen in Penang), and greedy restaurateurs were all played out in response to the photo that went viral.

Fortunately, the restaurant got wind of the viral message, and promptly sent copies of the original bill which had been void on the spot, and the correct bill printed for the customer to The Star.

The daily’s report clarified the true story of the photo which had gone viral, especially on WhatsApp and Instagram, inviting all the negative comments.

“As you can see from the times printed on the receipts, the mistake was corrected right away.

“We hope people will stop spreading misleading information,” The Star quoted a member of the restaurant’s management, who declined to be named.