Kapar MP denies being raided and audited

S-Manivannan-wongchenKLANG: Kapar MP S Manivannan has denied that his office was audited by the Selangor state treasury.

“I vehemently deny that my office accounts are under investigation. The report that said that my office was raided and all, that is not true,” Manivannan, of PKR, told reporters at his office in Kapar.

He requested the Selangor state government clarify the matter.

Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen was said to have been subjected to an audit as well by the Selangor state treasury, which is said to have conducted the raid in May 2016 and sent a copy of the audit findings to his office nine months later.

“The Selangor state treasury, in a letter dated Feb 2, 2017, addressed to the Petaling District and Land Office, attached an audit report of the 2014 and 2015 spending of my P104 Kelana Jaya office. A copy of the letter and attached audit report were delivered to my office on Feb 8, 2017.

“The state treasury stated that they did an audit on my office on May 1-3 last year. However, at all material times, my office was not aware of the audit, as they did not visit our office. The audit was done mysteriously and without due process and natural justice,” Wong Chen had previously said.

Manivannan asked if he and Wong Chen had been singled out for some reason, but added that he did not consider them as being victimised.

“We are fighters, and we fight for justice, we are proud to be fighters,” he said.

Wong Chen had expressed concern over what he saw as a lack of transparent, fair and proper handling of an audit on the spending of the annual RM250,000 budget allocation to his office.

Saying the audit findings had alleged that his office had failed to follow guidelines, Wong Chen decided to make a public disclosure of the audit findings and the lack of answers from the Selangor state treasury despite repeated queries from him and his staff.

“I feel strongly that my office has been denied natural justice and the right to be heard regarding the audit findings of not complying with guidelines.

“Which is why my office immediately challenged the audit findings and provided a point by point rebuttal and also 4,000 pages of documents.

“My office also wrote four letters to the Selangor government authorities, all of which remain unanswered,” he said, explaining why he had decided to go public on his grouse with the state government.