‘Navy boat went astray as commanding officer didn’t follow SOP’


KUALA LUMPUR: A navy boat got lost last month as the commanding officer (CO) failed to observe standard operating procedures (SOP), an investigation has revealed.

The Royal Malaysian Navy vessel, KD Perdana, lost contact with its mothership while chasing away foreign fishing boats in Sedili waters on May 20.

RMN chief Admiral Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin said the probe into the incident found that the ship’s CO had failed to follow the SOP.

He said the CO should have ensured that the patrol boat was under his supervision, even when it was carrying out operations to chase away foreign fishing boats from Malaysian waters.

“The existing SOP was very clear and should have been followed.

“The investigation found the CO was overwhelmed by the number of foreign fishing boats in the area, so much so that he lost supervision of the patrol boat which went missing.”

He said this after attending RMN’s Innovation Day called “Innovation is a culture of RMN” at Wisma Pertahanan here today.

Kamarulzaman said further action against the CO would be determined by the CO of RMN’s Maritime Region 1, Rear Admiral Mohd Redza Mohd Sany.

“For now, the CO (of KD Perdana) has been relieved of his command. This (not following SOP) is unacceptable,” he said.

On May 20, the patrol boat ran out fuel and its communication equipment malfunctioned, causing it to go adrift.

It was located by an RMAF spotter craft on May 22, 90 nautical miles east of Kuantan. All its crew survived the ordeal.