No surprise if ‘gambling kingpins’ spin targets us, says Guan Eng

limguaneng-zahidGEORGE TOWN: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng says he will not be surprised if the opposition would be targeted as having received political funding from so-called “gambling kingpins”, as asserted by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yesterday.

Lim said although Zahid did not specify any particular parties or any other evidence to support his claim, it was clear that it could be used to smear the Pakatan Harapan.

“Zahid has given a very general statement. He should reveal which party is receiving such funds.

“Pakatan does not receive any funds from gambling kingpins. But since Zahid has put out a general statement, I call the police to investigate.

“But we all know, as always, the opposition parties will kena (be accused),” Lim told reporters at his office in Komtar, here today.

Yesterday, Zahid said he was concerned about “gaming and gambling kingpins” funding political parties.

He said he was honestly concerned about the matter, but was “not accusing anyone”. He did not wish to elaborate on the accusation any further.

Zahid also said Penang’s illegal gambling crimes was the “worst” and told the police to step-up their game to eradicate them.

Lim said the position of the Penang government was very clear against gaming, gambling and even casinos in the state.

He said Penang had never condoned such activities in the state, let alone allowed them to operate, adding that the powers to license gaming was entirely up to the federal government, with the state having no say whatsoever.

“We do not issue gambling licenses, we have been strongly against such outlets in Penang.

“In fact, it was an Umno MP from Kedah who suggested a casino be built in Penang before, not us.”

Gambling kingpins funding political parties, says Zahid