Selangor urged to step up anti-Aedes efforts


PUTRAJAYA: Selangor has been asked to step up efforts to eradicate Aedes breeding grounds to combat the spread of dengue, Zika and Chikungunya.

Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam said dengue remained a cause for concern in the country and that Selangor contributes to more than 50% of the cases.

“We are also seeing an upward trend in the number of dengue cases whereby in the past months, 1,600 to 1,800 cases were recorded on average. But the numbers have shot up with 2,233 cases recorded from June 4-10 (Week 23) while there were 2,302 cases from May 28-June 3 (Week 22 ),” he told a media conference at his ministry here today.

However, he said accumulated cases until Week 23 this year had dropped to 43,087 compared to 52,185 during the corresponding period last year.

He called on all parties, individuals, local authorities and state governments to join forces to eradicate Aedes breeding grounds to prevent the spread of dengue.

Subramaniam also said Asean Dengue Day will be marked tomorrow and that regional cooperation was continuing to combat the scourge of dengue.

The theme is “United Fight Against Dengue”.

On the case of the teenager in Penang who was declared brain dead after being beaten up by his former classmates on Saturday, Subramaniam said medical treatment for him would be continued based on prescribed procedures.

“He has been declared brain dead, but we have machines to ensure sufficient oxygen supply, continued blood circulation and that his heart continues to beat as normal.

“And if we can continue with this, we will try to treat each patient for as long as we can,” he said.