School thugs wanted Nhaveen to man up


GEORGE TOWN: A brutally assaulted and sodomised teen was targeted by members of a gang to “reform” him from being a “pondan” (effeminate) to a man, says a school teacher.

The teacher said there were thugs in his school who wanted T Nhaveen, now 18, to be a man by co-opting him into their gang.

“He is a very good boy in school. He was the target of jokes during his schooling years because he was soft.

“He was soft but not gay, that is for sure. But he paid no mind to those boys and ignored them.

“But these boys (bullies) had their agenda, which was to make Nhaveen a ‘macho man’ based on their ideals,” the teacher said when met by FMT at the hospital.

The teacher said Nhaveen was forced to join their gang several times with a “man up” promise, but he refused. This upset the wooing party.

The teacher, who refused to be identified, said since the incident, Nhaveen’s former school SMK Dato Haji Mohd Nor Ahmad had issued a gag order to all staff.

Recently, police revealed the first two attackers that struck Nhaveen had said: “…long time no see, pondan”.

Then they also remarked, “You have a misai kontot (short moustache), no difference you are a coward”.

The teacher also revealed that one of the assailants was a well-known delinquent in school and had given Nhaveen a hard time in school.

“There is one boy who attacked him, I do not want to name names, but he has bullied Nhaveen for a long time.

“Even Nhaveen’s mother knows about this boy who disturbs him often. In short, he is a troublemaker,” the teacher said.

The teacher also revealed several teachers in school broke into tears upon hearing about the assault on Nhaveen.

“One of my colleagues told me she had taught him since Form One and was so sad to see him like this, as he was a good boy.”

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